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Celebrity Status

February 22nd, 2012 | DIY, Events, Links | 0 Comments

Hey fellow DIY Nerds!! Guess who I’m hanging out with right now???

Yup! John & Sherry from

I got to hang out with them most of the day – they are fantastic. I have more photos coming – but I had to show all YOU this photo with them and I inside my High Performance Wall exhibit at the Portland Home and Garden Show right now.

Besides the shining beacons that are John and Sherry – you can also see a spray foam cut out, House Wrap, proper window flashing AND window cut outs.

I’ll be at the Home and Garden show all week so if you make it to the Portland Expo Center this weekend ask for me! I’ll give you a personal tour of the 2012 #SmartHome.

As Seen On TV

February 15th, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

I painted the office this weekend. It’s been used the last 2 years as a “storage” room since we installed the floors here, I moved so quickly into finishing the basement 0 this never got done. Sad. Consider it conquered after this post.

I started by covering the floor. I was careful not use anything new for the floor covering, creating demand for plastic by buying it from Home Depot is not only a waste of money – but a bad choice for the environment. Here is a photo of the assortment of items I was able to dig up to use to protect the floor:

The corners are the hardest part of any room painting project – right? So I bought an As Seen On TV gadget on super clearance at Ross a couple weeks back and I wanted to offer a quick review of it .

It was ¬†waste of the $1.99 I spent on it. Sad Day. It didn’t get really close to the corners as promised on TV.

When I tried putting more paint on the corner – it applied too much paint and made a mess.

Halfway through the project I returned to trusty blue painters tape and was able to create a very nice line.

This painting project didn’t just require a new coat of paint. In order for this room to be complete – I needed to protect the Windowsill. Here is an image of all the damage:
because I was concerned about time (one weekend) and preventing further damage to this windowsill, I used products I already had at the house… sadly not the “greenest” products – but green because I didn’t buy anything new.
First I sanded the windowsill with some sanding paper I picked up at the Habitat Restore last summer:
and then I sealed it with:
This was the before I moved in photo:
Here is the Before I Painted:

Here is the after painting:

I’m NOT done decorating by any means – but quite an improvement and I’m finally able to USE the space!


February 13th, 2012 | Events | 0 Comments

I love my house but sometimes I get pulled away from it to do other things. This is a post about one of those other things!

My sister’s BFF is getting hitched and she moved all the way to Texas to do it – so it was only appropriate that she fly all the way to Portland for a visit and for a Texas themed Bridal Shower.

Here are photos from what I’m calling a “Classy Cowgirl” theme:

and who can resist this??:

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Bye Bye Piles of Paper

January 13th, 2012 | Green Remodel, Links | 0 Comments

I am a magazine clipper. I have piles and piles of “very important” & must read articles to go through …. that I have never had time to pick up again. As a part of completing the office in 2012 and bookshelf organization in the New Year, I am sifting through that pile and pinning anything worth remembering and recycling the paper copy.

Here is the glorious pile of papers I was able to part with after using Pinterest to organize it all online:

Migrated to the World Wide Web here:

One of the pages I had clipped from a Real Simple.

It’s was called “the best new trends at your fingertips”.

Lord knows I can use all the help I can in that department…….aaaaaand since you are reading this…. maybe you could use it too. There was no way to Pin this page – so here are the retyped for your enjoyment:

Fashion forward booties:

For Classic Preppy Footwear:

For Lady Clothing and Accessories

For Vintage Inpired Jewlery: