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Hi Ho Hi Ho – Off To Work We Go

January 5th, 2012 | DIY, Green Remodel | 0 Comments

I have an amazing family with amazing friends. So many people helped to make the house ready for the Tour. But today I want you to meet my mom and her BFF Kim flew all the way from Austin, Texas to help me prepare for the Build It Green Tour! They painted, washed windows, kept me in line. I can’t ever thank them enough!

Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

Off To Work We Go!

Hi ho! Hi ho! Hi ho!

It’s off to work we go


Hi ho, Hi ho
Hi ho, Hi ho
Hi ho, Hi ho
Hi ho, Hum

All work and no play is BORING!

After it was all done, we took a little Columbia Gorge Tour with Jan & Dave.

Jan Made the pillows for my window seat! She’s the best!

Look how pretty my Mom’s hands are.

She also cry’s when she laughs. It’s magical.

Team OnAGreenstring!!

Wedding Gifts

January 4th, 2012 | DIY | 0 Comments

The past two years my friends have all started to get married. I’ve been struggling with ways to recognize and celebrate their marriages in meaningful ways out side of their wedding registry. This is a simple project I saw on Pinterest that I made for a couple of my friends. It was so easy I think I’ll continue making these so here is how I did it.

I only needed three things:

1. The Save The Date: Priceless

2. A satin-ey ribbon in the color of the wedding palette: $1.00

3. An ornament: $1.00

First I cut the Save The Date into strips:

Then I started curving the pieces and placing them into ornament.

This what it looked like after I moved the strips around a little bit:

I found a ribbon that was a similar blue color as the wedding color palette:

and started just layering it into ornament to fill it in. The more ribbon you can fit into the ornament the more color your ornament will have:

I filled the ornament as much as I could, put the lid back on and tied the ribbon on the top to hang from the couples first Christmas Tree together.

Viole! So pretty, affordable, thoughtful and crafty! So I made a couple of them:

Finished Fireplace

January 3rd, 2012 | DIY, Green Remodel | 0 Comments

You thought I forgot to post a final photo? I didn’t! We maybe had some trouble with some wiring and other boring stuff – so I didn’t have a final photo until today! Since you were so patient about waiting for this photo – I also included the time lapse video.

Before (For Drama)


Glam Shot!

Summoning Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

January 2nd, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Someone very smart once told me that Winston Churchill loved Bricklaying. Mr. Churchill found the repetition relaxing and the very smart person who told me this found it intriguing that “a girl my age” also found interest in it. I checked this out and sure enough!

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, K. G.

Born: 30 November 1874, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Died: 24 January 1965, Hyde Park Gate, London, England (aged 90)
Nationality: British
Education: Harrow School, Royal Military College, Sandhurst.
Interests: Painting, history, writing, bricklaying

So I summoned my inner Winston Churchill and went to work. Cut out Hardi-Backer, screwed it to the studs.

Then I laid out all the tiles on the counter to make sure I had everything I needed and measure where tiles needed to be cut for the outlet and switch.

I had to use the tile saw very carefully for the cut outs because the small tiles didn’t line up perfectly like Ihoped.

Then, one tile after another, I laid them all up on the wall. I had to be very careful about how much mortar I used because you could see mortar bubbles or bumps behind the glass tiles.

Then it’s time for Grout! I used the left over Grout I had from the Travertine Floor.

In order to get the grout into all the little spaces I balled it up in my hand like above. Rolled it to the tips of my fingers.

Then I pinched it into the gaps.

And smuuuushed it around while adding pressure from my fingertips and palm.

Imagine you are in a stadium and you see a human wave begin to form near the end zone and come towards you. Now imagine the palm of your hand is the endzone and start your own “wave” up into your fingertips. That’s how you grout with UMPH.

I really struggled with the “traditional” look of travertine. so I’m using an industrial looking moulding. Since this trim isn’t meant to be used in this application I had to get creative.

I used whatever the above sharp mini scissor looking things are in the photo to cut off half of the trim.

Here is what it looked like when I was done.

I went to Home Depot, closed my eyes and pointed at the caulking section and picked up the above adhesive. Just kidding. The Flooring Guy at the H.D. told me this should hold the trim in place.

Then I used the adhesive and applied it directly to the trim piece, jammed it into the space available and taped the trim in place for it to dry. I left the tape on for 48 hours before I took it off.

And Tah-Dah!

Looks pretty great! Huh?

Warning: This project was not done On A Greenstring. The tile was bought at Lowe’s for full price. $9.99 for a 12″x12″ section. The grout was left over and I installed it myself but it was in no way the cheapest project I’ve done.