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Cup ID Tags

August 24th, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

With 50+ people at the Shower, I needed a way to label all the glasses without making them look tacky. I saw something similar to this in a Real Simple once – but not as cute as the ones I made. I don’t say that very often – if you have read my blog before you know that I’m constantly trying to recreate things I see places and usually come up short. But with this small tiny project – I won. Mine are better. I bought the pieces at Office Depot. Here are the items I bought:

I bought the cups from Costco. Here is how I displayed it.

I put the Rubber Bands in a Cup so they added color to the table.

I cut the strings off the tags and put them into a cup too.

I put the Sharpies in the example cup so people would know what to do.

I bought bigger cups for myself, my co-host/Bridesmaid and the Bride so she would feel even more special.

That’s it! That’s my inexpensive, better than the sample Cup ID Tags! <3

Centerpieces on a Budget

August 22nd, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

I started these centerpieces with what would be the most affordable to put in them. Lemons! Then I started talking to friends about getting produce for their backyard chickens from the “spoils” at local grocery stores. Well, if they spoil vegetables – then they must spoil flowers! So I talked to a local grocery store and they said I could have the spoils from the days before my event. This was a big gamble – they could have a lot, they could have none and there is no way to know what colors they might be.

Since I had already decided on the Candy Shoppe Theme I decided that including large lollipops into the flowers would give them consistency. If need be I could always use the spoiled flowers to take up space and buy a bunch or two of flowers in the color I wanted.

Here is the cost break down:

Vases: Borrowed

Flowers: I bought two bouquets from Costco for $18.99, 8 bunches of “Spoils” and I also stopped on the side of the highway for the long green reeds and snagged the brown and yellow “flowers” too.

Wet Floral Foam: I bought one package of floral foam for $8.99

Lemons: I bought 2 bags of lemons for $10.00

Hammond’s Candy Lollipops: $20.00

That’s it! $57.00

I had to cut some of the lemons to get them to fit in the bowl. Once the lemons were in the outer edge, I cut the floral foam to fit in the remaining space. Then I soaked the floral food that comes with the flower bouquets in water and poured that water onto the foam in the vase so the flowers didn’t die overnight.

Then I started sticking flowers in! That’s it. Just make sure there are different layers of flower, you don’t want it to turn into a ball where all the flowers are even with each other. Same with the lollipops – make sure they all stick out at different layers.

That is $19.00 per centerpiece, and I mostly used materials that were left for dead anyway or borrowed!

Easy Schmeezy! Shoestring Budget and low impact!

Chalkboard Vases

August 19th, 2011 | DIY | 0 Comments

I bought these vases at Goodwill so they were only .99 cents, and they were reused, so I didn’t create more need for new products. The Spray Paint was $4.97 and I have plenty left over for another project.
Here is the paint that I used:
Then I taped the whole vase except the area that I wanted to be painted.
Make sure you press the edges down really well so that the drips don’t get underneath the tape and instead go outside the tape. Then wait for it to dry.
When it’s dry pull the tape off straight.
And the master piece is revealed!
I used the side of a pair of scissors to scrape off the excess paint and make the lines defined where the tape failed me.
Here they are on my counter.
and here they are on display.
I gave them away at the end of the wedding shower as party favors to the people who were still there when we broke down shop. It was great because they probably cost me about $1.50 each to make.

DIY Wedding Shower

August 18th, 2011 | DIY | 0 Comments

For the rest of the week, I’m going to post about a Wedding Shower I hosted last weekend. I had a budget of $1000 to spend, which sounds like a lot but the invite list was 60 people and I had a lot of other things working against me. For example, the location was in a park. It’s expensive and difficult to make a park bench look formal and wedding celebration worthy. For it being my first DIY wedding shower on the cheap, and my first time buying food and serving for 60 people, I think I did an ok job. I came in a tad bit over budget – but I did well. Here are the overall photos of the event. I’ll post How-To’s in the upcoming days.

Here is the budget Break Down:

Meats – $140

Sides – (Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, 4 bags of Chips, Condiments Green Salad, Salsa) – $130

Sodas, Juice & Water – $20

Champagne & Wine – $105

Beer – $84.00

Signature Drink – $50

Cupcakes – $60

Gluten Free Cupcakes – $83.00

Total Food: $670

Vases – $31

Custom Pencils – $20

Foral Foam – $16

Custom Thank You’s – $35

Drink Tub – $15.00

Candy – $102

Card-stock – $10

Napkins – $6

Glasses – $9

Flowers – $20

Drink Container – $20

Chalkboard Paint & Clear Paint – $20

Table Cloth Rental – $25

Swizzle Sticks – $18

Total Decoration: $327

Park Drinking Permit: $84

Total: $1,105 ish

Things I would change next time.

Buy less chips, I could have used 2 bags less chips. No one really sat down so the Chips & Salsa was not a hit. Less Veggie Burgers. We bought two boxes of veggie burgers and very few were eaten. Less Gluten Free Cupcakes. I think all the girls were gluten free – but they didn’t eat the sugary treats so I only needed a dozen. I wouldn’t do hard alcohol next time. No one really drank it on a Sunday afternoon. I would buy more cheap beer next time. I bought 2 boxes of nicer beer and wouldn’t you know – I ran out of Coors Light first. Less Wine & Champagne, I would have bought half as much. All this combined would have kept me within budget.