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Choices Choices Choices

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Here are the three tiles I’m considering at the moment. The one on the left we are going to call the “Dark Tile” the one in the middle we are going to call “Beige” and the one on the left we are going to call “Cement”

Here is Dark Tile, Beige, and Cement in that order from left to right next to my granite and the wall color called Desert from Sherwin Williams

Here is Cement next to a Toasted Marshmallow color paper and Desert on the wall. I think this is my favorite.

Here is Beige next to some grey paint colors. But If I did go with this color, I’m thinking about a more grey wall color.

See here, when I put Beige tile next to Desert, it looks too boring.

Here is a close up of the granite next to Cement. I like the slight texture and this photo is pretty true to it’s color.

This is Dark Grey tile next to the granite with flash.

This is Dark Grey with tile that’s a better photo of the actual color of this tile.

This is a close up of all three factors and a potentially lighter color in the same family as Desert.

Great Fabric Links

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So when I see something I like – it doesn’t go away very easily. In fact – it rarely ever leaves. So I must satisfy my imagination. In this case, I saw a pillow online that had a yellow flower on it – I am obssesed with finding a similiar fabric and making the pillow case myself…. because a $60 pillow doesn’t fit well into my shoestring budget. Well I will sadly admit that I spent several hours online trying to find fabric stores that actually showed swatches. Then I found this blog. I feel a responsibility to share this post with you from Design Sponge since it took me hours to find and really did help my search. Alas, I didn’t find what I was looking for……yet. But if you are looking for fabric from your couch – hopefully these links she provides will help. Here is a linkg directly to her website. For those of you that are lazy like me and don’t like to have multiple windows open at the same time. Here is a copy of her post:

“After last week’s top 50 wallpaper sources post, I started getting requests for all sorts of “top” lists for basic home resources. So today I decided to write one for my favorite design essential:fabric! If I had to give up everything in my home and only focus on one key design element, it would be fabric. Everything in my being responds to fabric — I love bright colors, playful patterns, and interesting textures. And man, find me a great striped fabric and you have a friend for life. So today I thought I’d round up my top 20 fabric resources, ranging from inexpensive and vintage designs to higher-end trade studios. I’ll keep it real and say that I amnot a fan of trade-only designs. I understand why designers do it, but I only recommend trade-only fabric if I think it’s definitely worth the extra cost of hiring a designer or consultant to buy. So 99% of these sources will be open to the public because beautiful fabric should be available to everyone, trade or not. Have a favorite fabric studio or shop that’s missing here? Feel free to add it below! I’m always looking for great places to buy fabric. xo, grace

Resources are listed in no particular order.

  • Purl Soho: This NYC institution is my go-to shop for great fabrics online or in person. They have a phenomenal collection of colorful basics and imported designs from Japan.
  • Repro Depot: Repro is closed for the summer (due to open again soon) but when they re-open, they’ll resume being one of the best places to buy affordable fabrics and vintage/retro-style textiles online.
  • Ikea: The strength of Ikea’s fabric collection improves every year. Though the ease of procuring it in person depends on the customer service quality at your local store, you can often buy their newer styles online. Their modern florals are my favorite.
  • Marimekko: Marimekko’s bold designs are always a good choice if you need a strong dash of color and pattern.
  • Hable Construction: Ok, trade-only alert. Hable only sells their fabric design to the trade, but I’m hoping that if I keep begging them every year, they’ll eventually change their policy. They make my favorite pattern in the world (Beads in Green Bean) and are definitely worth the extra fee of hiring a designer or D&D building to order for you. Update: the Hable team told me that they now have “Hable Design Service” and can facilitate fabric orders and serve as your designer!
  • Skinny LaMinx: I’ve loved watching South African designer Heather Moore expand her collection of textiles over the years. Her playful style has a slightly retro feel but always comes in a modern color palette.
  • Studio Bon: Bonnee Sharp’s sophisticated patterns are in my top three at all times. They’re the perfect combination of fun and ladylike.
  • Mod Green Pod: Eco-friendly fabrics in playful patterns. Their “Aspire” pattern in grey is one of my current loves.
  • Ebay: Ebay is an endless source for amazing vintage (and new) fabric. Whether you’re looking for vintage Swedish textiles or discount patterns from contemporary designers,someone’s selling it here. (The craft section is great for inexpensive options.)
  • Just Scandinavian: If you lust after Josef Frank’s iconic patterns like I do, this shop is a must. They stock most of Mr. Frank’s patterns. (For the majority of Frank patterns, you need to call to place an order, but you can view the pattern, price, and availability online.)
  • Textile Arts: This great online boutique sells a nice selection of Marimekko, Ljungbergs, and Mod Green Pod fabric.
  • Imagine Fabric: A nice one-stop shop for fabrics from designers like Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler.
  • Hancock’s: Hancock’s may not be super cutting-edge, but they are a great source for basics like toile, plaid, and stripes.
  • Joann Fabrics: Ditto for Joann Fabrics. Not the “coolest” right off the bat, but they have a great collection of classic designs for reasonable prices.
  • Frelis: I love their basic linens. I’ve been dying to find a place to use their “Wasabi” linen.
  • Contemporary Cloth: This website could use a little face lift, but they stock a nice range of designer, organic, and simple cotton fabrics.
  • Modern Fabrics: If you like classic designs from companies like KnollTextiles and Maharam, this shop has you covered with sophisticated designs.
  • Rubie Green: Super chic fabrics (I have the zig zag fabric on my office chair) from Lonny Magazine‘s Michelle Adams.
  • Sew Mama Sew: A nice selection of small and large-scale prints.
  • Etsy: Etsy is a great spot to find up and coming designers. Some of my favorites are Kalla,Melbomba, and Frumafar.
  • Spoonflower: Custom printed fabrics at reasonable prices from new and up-and-coming designers. You can also print you own designs!”

All Links in quotes are from the blog Design Sponge. If you like it – check her out!

Warm Tootsies

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Since the basement is under the house and very cold all year – I was very challenged with how to heat the space. I’ve read all sorts of great reports about hot water radiant floor heat and electric and I talked to my HVAC company about adding a duct to the room but everything seemed wasteful or too expensive. Naturally, I looked into the DIY route and found out that DIY kits for electric floor heat are marked up enough so that they don’t take business away from contractors. In other words- it’s practically the same price to hire someone to install it or do it yourself. So I found Billy with A&B Tile. I talked to him about my project and also that I was a little nervous to do it myself since it had electricity involved. He has set plenty of Warm Wire in his day so that’s the brand I bought and he installed. I only had him lay the wire and I will tile the floor. That’s saving me about $6.00SF so it made it affordable for me to do.  He and his team did an amazing job. He brought 4 guys in for the project so they could get it done it one day – and they did! They stayed late – but they kept us right on schedule. I can’t say enough great stuff about A&B Tile, so if you want their contact information for your next job, let me know!

This is a blog though – So I’m going to show you how they did it. To be honest – if I ever did this again, I will definitely do it myself, I’m just glad that I watched it get done the first time!

The product I bought is called Warm Wire and the package looked like this:

Billy with A&B Tile bought Self Leveling Quick Set to make sure the wires stay in place.

Here is a close up of the warm wire during installation

This is what they did – they used these strips that remind me a lot of carpet tack strips and they nailed them into backboard. They put the strips directly across from each other so the wire could be strung back and forth.

Then they took the beginning end of the wire and inserted it into the “LoudMouth” that came with the kit. This tool has a green light that stays on so the installer knows that the wires are working but not hot. That way if they mess up or break it – the Loud Mouth will scream and the installer will know that something is wrong or the wire needs to be replaced. When I was reading the instructions online – this is the part that made me the most nervous. I didn’t see how Billy did it – but he said it only took a minute and the instructions are step by step.

Then Billy cut out channels into the backer board that lead up to the wall so that the wires can go up the wall and hit the thermostat. Then to start the run, he pulled up the horizontal tab to make one straight line to the other side and then started zig-zagging it back and forth using the vertical tabs.

In order to keep the wire from getting tangled they had one guy holding the spool and another guy putting it into the tabs.

The tabs are very much like the clasp on an envelope – they are a light metal so you just grab it

Bend it up

Put the wire under it and then push the tab back down

So you can’t terminate the wire so that it lands directly where you want it. you have to carefully plan out how far apart you want the loops to go so it ends exactly where you want it to. .

In this case – since we have 300sf, there where two spools one longer than the other – so the loops varied in distance

In the middle of the spool there is supposed to be a pink tab so you can make sure you are getting the wire as far as you need it. In this case – Billy didn’t notice that the tab was black and ran out of wire early. No big deal! He just lifted the tabs back up and re-calculated the distance from one tab to the next. He was very careful though – because like mailing envelopes, if the tabs are over bent, they will break off.

Next they mixed the self leveling quick set with water. In the picture below, Billy is holding a drill with a mixer on the end and his co-worker is pouring the Quickset into the garbage can already filled with some water.

The guys just poured the bucket over the space and let it level itself. One of the guys carefully looked through it to make sure there weren’t any chunks that needed to get picked out.

I decided that in order to save a little but of cash – I would cut corners (literally) I only had the Warm Wire installed 1.5′ from the wall on all sides and 6″ from the front door and the cabinets.

Here is a photo of the space when I came back a few hours later… already starting to dry! Yeay!

It wasn’t the cheapest project on the schedule but it was the best option for heating the space and will make the space a little easier to rent. Also, it will save me on utilities because if I had no heat in the space then the user would end up using a space heater which is practically the least efficient piece of equipment on the market. This Warm Wire doesn’t use too much energy and the user will probably use it sparingly because the perception will be that they are warm since their tooties will be warm!

Granite on a Budget!

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So granite is not a very sustainable countertop choice. Nor does it fit into any budget that I have to work with. Unless of course you are using waste! Or in the granite world it’s called a Remnant.

Granite countertops, despite their great looks, are less-than-sustainable due to environmental damage caused by quarrying practices and the high embodied energy incurred by shipping this heavy item.

The reason that I’m going to use granite is because it’s waste from another project. This slab of granite is a remnant from a relatives kitchen remodel and came to the 7020 house at no cost. Since this project is about remodeling on a shoestring budget, and I didn’t create the demand for the new product, it was decided that this was a good use of someone else’s waste and my budget.

Here is the granite installed at our relatives house, it’s so beautiful!:

And here are the large remnants for the 7020 house!

Such good timing! So much to work with! Here is a close up of how dynamic the remnant is:

Although the material was free -installation and fabrication was not. I got 4 bids, from recommended companies from my boss, a builder friend, the company that did the kitchen above and someone with high ratings on Angie’s List. In the end the lowest bid was the one we went with – about $32 a SF. Not always the best decision but since all the companies came to me with recommendations I think it will be ok.

The last thing I will say about this decision is that everyone around me told me that $32/SF was a lot for a countertop – however – I went to a lot of stores looking for a sustainable countertop option and here is a list of why they wouldn’t work for my application:

Ikea’s MDF/Laminate: This is the Ikea option for what I could get for $32 a SF. This is not high quality, would not hold up to a renter and I would prefer not to purchase something that encourages putting formaldehyde in a surface that food could sit on.

Other Granite Places: For $32/SF I could go to several countertop places around the city and buy granite and installation. It really is an affordable option – Although I would be getting to pick out a color and texture of my choosing, it isn’t sustainable to create demand for granite for all the reasons mentioned above and I’m not sure what the quality difference is between granites, it seems like since the prices vary so drastically, there must be a difference .

DIY Cement: This was my favorite and most affordable option – but it can take weeks to dry properly and install. This was a project that I could have started months ago. The other reason I didn’t do this option for this space, is because I really wanted an eating counter, a little raised bar on top of the counter to serve instead of a table in case the person living there didn’t want to take up space for an eating table.

Paperstone: This is something I want to save up for and install upstairs but was closer to $64/SF and was not an affordable option for this project.

Alas, using the granite remnant at $32/SF is my most affordable & sustainable option.

I am posting today because the guys are coming in today for a “measurement”! First step in getting it installed! Yeay! Installation day is sometime the first week in September …. more posts to come!