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Archive for the ‘Future Plans’ Category

Tour Stops

January 9th, 2012 | DIY, First Time Home Tour, Future Plans, Green Remodel | 0 Comments

When people were walking through the house and the basement – I really wanted every homeowner or potential homeowner to see how simple each measure is to achieve and how they affect the way a home operates.

So I made these! I taped these up around the house and basement:

and now I’m sharing them with you. If the writing s too small you can click on each one and it will open in a new window a lot larger:

Traveling Granite Gnome

October 3rd, 2011 | Future Plans | 0 Comments

Since I am captain decision maker I started carrying a piece of my granite with me in my purse so I could have it whenever I happened to walk past a flooring option. Since I’m in the habit of taking photos of everything I do now to document this process – I was going through my pictures and realized that this piece of granite is really getting around. It is now my Granite Gnome.

The only item of all of these photos that I love more than my Granite Gnome is this pot of Succulents that I happened upon at Home Depot. At least I know that I can make some decisions…..

Honey-Me List

September 29th, 2011 | Future Plans | 0 Comments

So it occurred to me that I should be more prepared and ready to make decisions when it comes to the house. I am still struggling with what tile to buy and put in the basement. With three weeks left until the space needs to be done – grappling with this decision should have been done weeks or years ago (!@*!#)

So in order to not experience this again I’m going to take you through a magical world of future plans.

Here are all the inspirations I have for the Downstairs “look”. Mind you. I have three weeks to pull this off.

Instead of upper cabinets I really want stainless steel shelves like these:
As far as the downstairs bathroom is concerned – there will be no planning for that. It is so small there aren’t many options….. I’ll just be excited to clean it up!

When the downstairs is done – It’s time to work on my own personal living space. Let’s start with the Front Door.

1. The Foyer Natural Stone needs to be sealed. The crumbling rocks are ruining my soft bamboo!

Stone at the front door

Ruined Bamboo

2. The bench seat needs a lid! As you probably recalled – it has been improved on…. but not finished. I insulated it and re-framed it but now it needs the finishing touches!

3. Moving over to the TV wall (Which I haven’t revealed yet because of this detail)

The wall needs to be painted. I want a nice gray color – but not too dark.

4. I need a new vent cover for the Hallway. All I have to do is order it…. but it hasn’t been a priority.

5. Need to Install the Pocket Doors between the Living Room and the Office.

Here are my inspirational Pinterest pieces:

6. Need a Bookshelf to organize all my books and ideas in the office:

This is the project I am MOST excited for! Hurry up and let me organize!

7.  Paint the interior doors white. They are currently the gross fake, hollow, wood looking doors, and I want to replace all the door handles.

8. Install white molding.
9. Need to make a wine rack inside my old apartment table. 9.5 After that – someday I want to build something to hang wine glasses from.

9. After all those realistic To Do items – I am also going to need new living room chairs. Here is my inspiration:

Master Bedroom. This would include a headboard and an organized closet. Maybe even some dressers. This is so far away I’m not even going to post about this. But I want to make sure it’s on my office To Do List.
I think those are some hefty to do’s for the upcoming winter. :)